Finding that perfect summer outfit!

It's that time of year where the sun is starting to shine and the British summer is starting to appear, when the sun comes out so does the summer wardrobe. Looking through my wardrobe I thought it could do with a bit of a revamp so recently I went to Liberty in Romford in search for the perfect summer look and I didn't return disappointed. Liberty has so many different shops under one roof so you could never leave empty handed. you don't have to break the bank to find the perfect outfit I got the whole look for less than £100.00

I went for a look that was classic but yet still on trend. My look is quite safe but still has some key trends featured within in it and I'm personally really happy with it. It is very me, pretty and girly.

The key trend I went for was gingham. I absolutely love gingham its so classic and so easy to accessorise with. I went for gingham dress with embroidered detail. it just looks so pretty on and its so easy to wear. This particular item was in the petite section which is perfect for me as I only stand at 5ft 1. The dress cost only £29.99 from New look and it could easily be dressed up or down but on this occasion I went for a more casual look.

The summer in the uk can be a bit rubbish, although this dress looks great on it's own a jacket might come in handy. I went for original style denim jacket. I love denim jackets I bring mine out every summer. I just love the look of dresses with a denim jacket on top. I got my denim jacket from H&M For £29.99. I will be definitely pairing this item with other dresses or playsuits this summer too.

Now on to shoes , I again went very classic with plain white pumps as the dress has quite a lot of detail and I didn't feel it needed a statement pair of shoes. the pumps look so cute but effortless. these shoes were from H&M and cost only £12.99 I also saw simular shoes in River Island and topshop while at Liberty in Romford.

Now onto accessorises. now I didn't go mad with jewellery i just brought one small gold necklace with an anchor on it. I felt the neck line needed a little something but I didn't want to over think the look as they say less is more. I got my anchor necklace at H&M and it only cost £3.99. No look would be complete without a handbag, as I said I was going for a casual look and I can across the cutest white mini backpack and I had to get it. it wasn't something I pictured with the outfit but I love it never the less. The backpack was from River island it was reduced to £15.00 and there was still a few left so if want one get yourself down to Liberty.

I hope you like the look I created. The main thing is I absolutely love it and feel great in this outfit.

Yankee tart burner review!

I'm a massive fan of candles, i love how they look when there burning and obviously the aroma from them! Candles make me feel so relaxed whether there around my bath when I'm having a soak or in the living room when I'm winding down and reading a book. I always used to go for jar candles as they last ages and look lovely but I've recently discovered wax tarts and tart burners and oh god I'm never going back.

I got my tart burner in the January sales for £5 with tart melts and I just love it. I find the secnts are so much stronger from the tart burner than the jar candles, it really fills the whole room.

I love with tart burners that the tarts are so inexpensive usually less than £1.50 each meaning you can try so many difference scents. As much as jar candles are great as they last long I do find I get bored of the scents after a while. Wax tarts let you experiment and find the scents you love, if you brought one and it's not for you it's only £1.50 out your pocket unlike jar candles which can cost up to £20.

Most of the wax tarts I've got at moment are Christmas ones. I've really been loving Snowflake cookie and sparkling cinnamon spice. Slightly out of season I know but it's still winter so it's ok haha.

You do have to by tealights to melt the wax tarts which is a slight exspence but I got a pack of 100 from Asda for £2 and I think they will last me a while.

Overall I love my tart burner and can't wait to try out different scented tarts! If you love candles I'd recommend a tart burner I've never looked back!

MUA Matt lipstick review

So I popped into Superdrug and was having a butchers at the makeup stands and found myself looking at MUA. It's such an affordable brand and I have loved many of the products that I've tried such as there pressed powder and eyebrow kit. I found myself looking at there lipsticks and at only a pound each I couldn't resist to try a couple!

I pick up the shade lilac bell and the shade totally nude as I thought I'd try something I'd usually wear and something out of my comfort zone. I've never worn a purple lipstick before but I've got to say I rather liked it. I'm not gunna sugar coat this post the lipsticks were so cheap so the quality isn't going to exceptional.

First thing I noticed is there is a wide selection of colours in Matt and glossy. Nothing worse when you find a great lipstick and the rest of the shades are pants. They aren't very pigmented, although the colour is buildable. The nude lipstick is said to be a dupe of velvet teddy and I have to say it's not far off, the colour is very similar but the texture isn't so creamy.

The texture of the lipsticks are quite dry and almost chalky but if you prep your lips before application it won't be a problem. I suffer with dry lips and it wasn't too much of an issue.

I think these lipsticks are great if your just starting out with makeup and want to have a play around or for younger makeup lovers who just want to get there hands on proper makeup. To be honest you could make up a good starter makeup bag with MUA products at a very low cost.

Overall I think these lipsticks are good for the price and if your new to the makeup world I'd recommend you give them a try. I'm still a MAC lipstick girl but it's great to try new things!

Sony cybershot WX500 camera review!

You may or may not know that as well as a blogger I'm a YouTuber I upload beauty and fashion videos weekly my channel is Georgiarubyybeauty. Up until Christmas I just filmed on my iPhone but I was very lucky and my boyfriend brought me the Sony cybershot WX500 camera.

I'm absolutely loving using this camera I've found it's brilliant for taking photos and filming videos. My favourite feature is the filp up screen it's great when I'm filming or for taking a cheeky selfie! I'm no expert when it comes to cameras and there's so many features I haven't used but I can say it's great for beginners I've found it so easy to use. I find the quality of my photos and videos are great ( I'm no photographer but it's great for YouTube and Instagram pictures etc)

There's an app called play memories where you can wirelessly send photos to your smartphone or tablet which is brilliant if you want to upload to social media or send it on. The app is also very user friendly. The last camera I had I had to upload everything to my laptop and it just meant photos just got left and forgotten about but with this app this never happens.

One thing I would change is the video recording button,  it's not the same one you use to take the pictures with and it's quite fiddly to find but it's not a massive issue I just edit the beginning of the video out.

One slight negative, I'm not sure if all current camera are the same but I couldn't take any photos or videos without a memory card which I found slightly strange but this issue is easily solved with a memory card.

This camera retails at around £299 and i think it is worth every penny. Overall I'm really enjoying using this camera and I'm so greatful that my boyfriend brought it for me. I highly recommend it for bloggers, youtubers and for everyday photo takers!

Benefit They're Real mascara review!

I'm not usually one for high end makeup I tend to find you can find a cheaper alternative which is just as good but after trying they're real mascara I will never go back. It's high end but there isn't a huge price tag. There's only about £7 difference between there're real mascara and my favourite high street mascara.

I love the wand of the they're real mascara it coats every lash leaving your lashes looking longer and fuller. The mascara itself is really long lasting and doesn't smudge or crumble. 

They're real really is the second best thing next to false lashes it really does do what it saids on the bottle. 

I'm quite lucky having dark and thick hair, I have quite good lashes to work with but my mum and sister in law are obviously older and are both a lot fairer than me and they're real still works wonders for there lashes. We all love Benefit as a brand. 

Overall I love this mascara, I would recommend it to anyone and I can't wait to try more Benefit products 

Georgia xoxo   

My top 5 beauty products of 2016

As were at the start of a new year I thought I'd tell you all what products I really loved this past year! These are the sort of products that I never get bored of using and are my "holy grail" if you like.

1|| Nivea soft -  I have so much love for this moisturiser, nothing matches up to it for me! I'm tried so many high end and highstreet moisturisers and nothing has lived up to it. Nivea soft is a real all rounder I use it on my face, hands, feet and everywhere in between. Nivea soft is ultra moisturising without being greasy and soaks in quickly. I could go on and on about Nivea soft but to sum up it's amazing!

2|| velvet teddy lipstick by MAC - Velvet teddy has been my all time favourite lipstick since I discovered it this year. It's the perfect nude and since buying it a day has barely gone by without me wearing it. I love Matt lipsticks but I usually find them quite drying but not velvet teddy it's so creamy and goes on like a dream! This lipstick will be my go to lippy for the forceable future,

3|| Collection lasting perfection concealer - I couldn't believe how good this concealer is for the price, it's better that many high end ones I have used. It's brilliant for covering dark circles and skin imperfections without creasing or looking too cakey. I find the shades are brilliant, I'm super pale and the lightest shade is perfect for me. I use this consealer everyday and it's not coming out my makeup bag anytime soon!

4|| Mitchum deodorant - Not sure if his is really beauty related but I had to mention this product. This deodorant leaves me feeling ultra dry and fresh all day long what ever the weather. I'm not an overly sweaty person but I just love how clean this deodorant makes me feel. I also love the baby powder scent it's so fresh and long lasting without being overpowering.

5|| Nivea cashmere moments shower cream - this shower gel smells and feels so luxurious but you can usually find it on offer for just a pound! Many shower gels dry out my skin but this one leaves my skin feeling like silk. I find a little goes a long way so the bottle lasts forever, what more could you ask for a pound!

These are the products I loved in 2016 please comment below any of yours, also keep an eye out on YouTube for a video which will go into more detail and feature another wonderful youtubers top beauty products of 2016!

My Christmas wish list!

I'm so excited to be doing my first Christmas post of the year! I know it's only October but I thought sod it! A lot of new products and ranges are out so I thought I would share with what beauty products are on my Christmas list!

1\\ Makeup revolutions 12 days of Christmas chest - I really love this brand and this set is such great value! Brilliant if your new to makeup or want to build your collection.  

2\\ Morphe fall into frost palette- this palette is just beautiful, perfect colours for the winter. I haven't tried any Morphe products yet but I've heard such good things about Morphe and I can't wait to give them a go. 

3\\ Too faced melted matte lipstick in the shade candy cane - I can't but help love a gimmick, it's scented like candy canes. It's also such a beautiful shade of red, Perfect for the festive season.

4\\ sleek mini Matt me hoilday set - I love sleek lip products and this set is such good value for money at just £5! There only mini size but I always think mini products are great for your handbag.

5\\ soap and glory the whole glam lot- if your familiar with this set soap and glory do one simular every year, it's there biggest gift set and comes with so many goodies! It usually goes on offer at Boots over Christmas and you get so much for your money! Comes with everything from bath products to skincare products.

6\\ LUSH sweet Christmas set - I love lush products specially the snow fairy range and this set is full of snow fairy goodies. You can't go wrong with a lush bath set at Christmas. Who doesn't love a long hot bath in the winter? 

So those are the items on my Christmas list! What beauty goodies will you be asking for this year?

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